Wingman Brewers Beers

In its simplest form, beer is made from four things: water, barley, hops and yeast. These four ingredients can produce flavors ranging from the boldness of chocolate and coffee to the bite of grapefruit or the smooth sweetness of a banana.

While we occasionally add other ingredients to our beer, we do so while striving to create rich flavors capable of subtle nuance to entice the aficionado without straying from the straightforward, blue collar roots our beers share with the rest of Tacoma.

We like to experiment and you will almost always find a unique brew available only at our taproom, but we also do our best to make sure you can find your favorites in a can, bottle, or even on draft at your local watering hole.

Year-round beers

These are the staple beers we brew regularly throughout the year.
  • Ace IPA

    Ruddy in color, Ace IPA drops a hop bomb of flavor. Brewed with 5 distinctly Northwest hops, the Simcoe, Citra, Centennial Cascade, and Bravo Hops will have you wanting to drop pint after pint.

  • P-51 Porter

    P-51 is a robust and clean-finishing porter. Rich malty flavors highlight hints of chocolate and coffee. At 8% ABV, this dark beer will warm even the coldest Puget Sound nights.

Seasonal Beers

These beers are only available a few months out of the year. Get them while you can: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.
  • Beazle ESB

    A deliciously malty and sessionable Extra Special Bitter. This fall seasonal is a British style beer brewed with ingredients imported from England.

  • Coconut P-51 Porter

    A tropical twist on P-51 Porter. The same great P-51 taste with the added element of toasted coconut aroma and flavor.

  • Miss-B-Haven Tripel

    A Belgian style Tripel with a slight citrus twist provided by orange peel and Northwest hops.

Special Beers

We brew these premium beers whenever we get the chance, but they tend to disappear quickly.
  • Stratofortress

    Aged on cedar soaked in dark rum, the first thing that will strike you about this beer is the spicy cedar nose. Notes of figs and ripe fruit will delight you before the rich Belgian spiciness coats your tongue. The lingering aromas and flavors of cedar and rum stick with you until your next sip.

  • Pocket Aces 2x IPA

    This recipe packs 50% more grain and 100% more hops than the Ace IPA.